Transformative Mediation and Facilitation

Whenever we interact with other people, conflict is inevitable. Although uncomfortable and difficult, conflict can provide an opportunity not just for resolution, but also for growth, deeper relationships and stronger communication.

Mediation and facilitation often focuses on reaching compromise. Transformative mediation and facilitation has the potential to lead individuals towards consensus and to foundationally change the way organizations work together.

Who is Transformative Mediation for?

Transformative Mediation and Facilitation provides a foundation for clear dialogue and communication wherever conflict arises. Some examples are below:

Relationships between couples and families
Divorce and child custody considerations
End of life planning and care
Administration and work team dynamics
Organizational board decision-making
Neighborhood associations and city councils
PTA and school board dialogue
Educational and future planning for a child or loved one with special care needs

Currently all sessions will be conducted online via video conferencing. In the future, both in-person and remote options will be available. Serving anywhere in the US with remote options.



Foundational Dialogues Mediation and Facilitation provides assistance wherever there is conflict. Through structured dialogue, thoughtful communication, collaborative decision-making and consensus-building, you and your organization or family will gain understanding and reach conclusions.

Our role is to provide the tools that you need to be empowered to solve your problems, resolve your conflicts and gain understanding.